dreamstime_xxl_31137122For many women over 50, unwelcome changes seem to plague us nearly every day. We may feel kind of tired all the time, skin and hair may become dry, and sometimes we just feel unexplainably forgetful and “foggy brained”. These symptoms that make us feel older than we are might be related to a deficiency of thyroid hormones.

The thyroid gland is located in front of the neck below the larynx or voice box. The gland produces the thyroid hormones that regulate our metabolism and are necessary for the proper development of all cells in the human body. An efficiently working thyroid gland keeps us feeling fit and helps us lead dynamic and fulfilling lives.

The most common problem with the thyroid is called hypothyroidism, which means there is a deficiency of the thyroid hormones. There are many reasons why the thyroid gland might not be working effectively. Certain drugs, radiation treatments in the area of the thyroid, colds or respiratory infections, or an attack by the immune system, are just a few possibilities.

But it’s the symptoms that mimic old age that can be the most annoying. The first signs of a problem might be fatigue, weight gain or increased sensitivity to cold. We might just dismiss these symptoms as a side effect of aging. While these symptoms can mean many things, if the diagnosis is hypothyroidism, it usually responds favorably to treatment. Left untreated, there can be serious consequences.

Hormone deficiency of the thyroid can only be diagnosed by a blood test. The usual screening test is the TSH test. Since hypothyroidism symptoms are quite general, it’s very important to see a qualified specialist for proper diagnosis. Replacement of the missing hormones might be all it takes to feel rejuvenated and vibrant again.

Linda Quinn, MD is a specialist in the treatment of anti-aging symptoms. Her unique combination of integrating Eastern philosophies and Western medical science means she can offer you the most comprehensive and transformative treatments. You owe it to yourself to contact us for a complete evaluation of your bothersome symptoms. We’ll work to find the best treatment methodologies to put a spring in your step once again!