dreamstime_l_5099886What About Anti-Aging Supplements?

There is no question that the best way to age gracefully is by living a healthy life with good nutrition, exercise, stress management, and skin care. However, numerous anti-aging supplements are being advertised as “the best way to reverse aging” and that can create a lot of confusion and misconceptions.

The very first thing you need to know about anti-aging supplements is that not every supplement is right for every person. While we are all made up of the same general substances, how our bodies make, use, and need them changes from person to person. For instance, while many people are low in Vitamin D, some are lower than others and may need a higher dosage. Additionally, some people may be able to increase their Vitamin D through exposure to sunshine, while others need to take a supplement because their body is unable to properly process it through sun exposure.

The best way to know what your body needs is through a complete blood test ordered and reviewed by your doctor. Standard blood tests provide some info, but a qualified physician will request additional tests for a more comprehensive understanding of your body’s levels of vitamins, hormones, and other key indicators. Additionally, your physician will need an understanding of your lifestyle – how and what you eat, your exercise patterns, life stresses, etc. After a thorough review of everything, your physician will likely recommend a combination of supplements that will help your body operate at optimal levels. Still, each body IS different, so there may be some “tweaking” involved in order to get the levels just right for you. When you recognize that aging is a process, it only makes sense that anti-aging is too, so expect changes along the way in order to keep your body functioning at it’s best.

So, while the ads and articles on anti-aging supplements may sound like the perfect solution, don’t go out and buy them just yet. Work with a physician who specializes in anti-aging in order to ensure you have the right supplements at the right dose for your personal needs.