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There’s no question that a healthy diet is the foundation for true beauty, which stems from wellness. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are important not just for the nutrition they provide, but for the substances they don’t include: pesticides, which have “been identified as contributing factors to conditions ranging from cancer to obesity to ADHD. Pregnant women are encouraged to eat organic because studies reveal pesticides affect a baby’s IQ in utero.”

Likewise, organic poultry and eggs are important not just for the protein, but because they are grown without the antibiotics—and arsenic!–necessary to mitigate the unsanitary conditions of large production farms. And buying “grassfed” beef rather than “grainfed” beef insures that the cattle ate their natural diet of grass rather than candy, food wastes, hormones and antibiotics. The use of these antibiotics in food production “has contributed to the rapid growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria” which poses a great risk to our society’s well-being as a whole.

berriesSo while a good diet is foundational to health and beauty, it is not sufficient to overcome the gradual effects of aging. Here, we look to medically tested, non-surgical, anti-aging techniques to restore body tone and a youthful skin appearance. Dr. Linda Quinn is a certified specialist in therapeutic cosmetic surgery alternatives. Her services include laser treatments, Botox and dermal fillers, hormone treatments, detox, and anti-aging stem cell treatments—all professionally administered with the utmost competence and safety.

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