dreamstime_xxl_6984432Spider Veins? If a spider web comes to mind, you’re right. These red or purple veins, which appear mostly on women, often create a sunburst or web-like pattern on the skin. And while they are not medically harmful, spider veins can cause a burning sensation or achy feeling from prolonged standing. To top it off, they’re visually unappealing and may have you thinking twice about baring your otherwise sexy skin.

It’s no wonder that many of us feel self-conscious about those pesky spider veins and want to get rid of them. Otherwise known as telangiectasia (three Greek words meaning: end, blood vessel and stretch out), they are also referred to as broken capillaries.

Lots of us have spider veins, so it’s no surprise that there are a variety of ways to cosmetically treat these imperfections. You can have them zapped with a laser or injected with a solution (aka, “sclerotherapy”)

So how does it work? When the solution is injected into the blood vessel, its cells are disrupted and the vein (typically) becomes inflamed. It then closes, turning into tiny scar tissue that fades over time. And while the notion of “injecting” a solution sounds unpleasant, a very fine, thin needle is used.

You will experienced only a little bit of stinging and burning.