1. IV Therapy for Athletes

    Intravenous therapy – or IV therapy – is a great way to battle dehydration, nutrient deficiency, and other health concerns. As we’ve mentioned in a past blog, it’s an excellent self-care choice for those with chronic conditions or even a particularly nasty hangover. In today’s blog, we want to explain why IV therapy isn’t just for those hoping to feel better — it can also help those …Read More

  2. What to Expect at Your MonaLisa Touch Treatment

    If you have explored solutions for uncomfortable and painful postmenopausal symptoms, then you have probably heard of vaginal rejuvenation procedures. There are a number of options on the market today, but at L.A. Quinn M.D. here in Jax Beach, we offer what we believe to be the best choice for postmenopausal women: MonaLisa Touch. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, MonaLisa Touch provides a r…Read More

  3. Treating Vaginal Atrophy

    Aging has its advantages and disadvantages. You’ve learned a lot over the years, and you’re confident in who you are and what you want. On the other hand, your body can’t always keep up, especially post-menopause. The physical effects of aging and menopause symptoms can be hard to handle, and one of the worst effects many post-menopausal women experience is vaginal atrophy. Fortunately, ther…Read More

  4. A Guide to Postmenopausal Health

    A woman’s health typically has one major turning point: menopause. It often isn’t a fun or comfortable time, and if you are experiencing unpleasant menopause symptoms, then you may be looking forward to post-menopause. When symptoms like hot flashes fade, however, there are other concerns and discomforts that rise to take their place. Be prepared by learning what to expect and what you can do …Read More

  5. What is MonaLisa Touch?

    MonaLisa Touch — a name that reveals as much as the smile of the mysterious woman herself. What is it? What does it do? Why is it offered at a health and wellness clinic? In today’s blog post, we are going to demystify MonaLisa Touch to help you make better health decisions in the future, specifically when it comes to your gynecological health. When you are looking for ways to improve your hea…Read More

  6. The Basics of Stem Cell Therapy Explained

    Although controversial, stem cell therapy has become extremely popular over recent years. Given that stem cell therapy has a wide variety of uses, more people throughout the country are beginning to experience all that the revolutionary therapy has to offer. For this reason, in today’s article, we will be talking about some of the common ailments that can be easily cleared up with stem cell ther…Read More

  7. Why You Need Anti-Aging Therapy

    We’ve all experienced the variety of aches and pains that come with aging. From fatigue and weakness to wrinkles and a less than ideal sleeping pattern, there are countless ways that old age can continue to plague you throughout your best years. If you feel like you may be experiencing the undue effects that aging can bring, you could benefit significantly from anti-aging therapy with L.A. Quinn…Read More

  8. Wellness Treatments for A Healthier You

    If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, there could be a myriad of reasons why you may be experiencing the undue effects of poor health. From heavy metal toxicity and food allergies to complex hormonal imbalances, there are a number of reasons why you could be feeling less than your best. These health concerns can come with debilitating side effects such as fatigue, brain fog, weakness…Read More

  9. How Hormone Therapy Can Help You

    The adverse effects felt from a hormonal imbalance can cause many individuals’ quality of life to significantly decrease. From constant tiredness and fatigue, to an unrelenting brain fog that refuses to lift, there are many ways that a hormonal imbalance can impact your daily life. However, there are several treatments worth considering that have been shown to combat the ill effects of aging and…Read More

  10. Improving Your Quality of Life with Sclerotherapy

    In the past, varicose vein treatment used to be an invasive surgery that required extensive recovery times while leaving patients with visible scarring. However, due to advancements in science and medicine, varicose vein surgery is now minimally invasive, relatively quick, and leaves little to no signs of scarring. No longer do the risks associated with vein treatments outweigh the rewards, making…Read More