Your hormone levels change throughout your lifetime. It’s normal for both men and women to experience a drop in their hormone levels as they get older, usually around the age of 40. For women, menopause brings on a decrease in their estrogen levels. For a man, a drop in their testosterone levels can indicate andropause. There are numerous side effects that go along with a drop in hormone levels, including weight gain, fatigue, migraines, night sweats, and even mood disturbances like depression and anxiety.┬áThere is one side effect that many people experience but might not immediately associate with their changing hormone levels: emotional distance from your partner. Our hormone therapy treatment can help put a stop to side effects that are causing issues with your partner and help you reconnect.

How Dropping Hormone Levels Can Hurt Your Relationships

You might be more irritable.

If it feels like everything is getting on your nerves lately, that could be a sign that your hormone levels are off. When you are quick to get annoyed, though, it can have everyone around you walking on eggshells–especially your loved one.

You might have a lower libido.

A healthy sex life is an important part of your relationship. When you aren’t in the mood for long periods of time thanks to a decrease in your estrogen or testosterone levels, it can create a physical distance between you and your partner. It’s a loss of intimacy that you may have once really loved.

You could have difficulty concentrating.

Another symptom of low hormone levels is difficulty concentrating. This could be at work, while working on hobbies, or even during conversations with loved ones. This can make them feel like you aren’t listening or don’t care about what they are saying when really, you are having trouble concentrating on anything at all.

You could be gaining weight.

Many of us don’t feel our best when we’ve put on weight. It can be a blow to your self-confidence and make issues with your low libido even more serious. Weight gain from hormone changes is frustrating because you may be doing everything that you can to take it off and nothing is working. That can leave you angry and feel less than your beautiful, wonderful self.

You might not be getting enough sleep.

A good night’s rest is vital to your well-being. When that’s not happening because of night sweats and other hormone-related symptoms, it can affect the rest of your life.

How Hormone Therapy Treatment Can Help

When you replace your declining hormone levels with bio-identical hormones in our Jax Beach office, you can slow, stop, and even reverse some of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing from menopause and andropause. That means you can start sleeping better, lose that weight, and even get your libido back. All of those things can help you reconnect with your partner, revitalizing your relationship and helping you feel like yourself again. These symptoms don’t have to be a natural part of getting older!

Who is Hormone Therapy Treatment Right For?

Bioidentical hormone therapy could be right for anyone who is experiencing the symptoms of low hormone levels. It’s suitable for both men and women. The only way to determine if the symptoms that you are experiencing are actually being caused by low estrogen or testosterone is to be tested by a doctor. Our medical team can provide this service. If we find evidence of low estrogen or testosterone levels, we can develop a hormone replacement treatment plan that can help bring your hormone levels back up to a normal range. For most people, hormone levels start to decrease around the age of 40. However, they may decrease sooner or decrease much more suddenly due to certain lifestyle factors such as stress.

We Want to Help You Feel Your Best

Our goal is to help you feel and look your best no matter what age you are or stage of life you are in. With our bioidentical hormone therapy treatment, that’s exactly what we can do. We love seeing the difference that hormone replacement therapy makes in the lives of our patients. Make an appointment with our office to start exploring your hormone therapy options. Give us a call or contact us through our website to schedule your appointment today!