Ideally, you would not imbibe so much that you experience a hangover the next day. However, we are aware that sometimes, hangovers happen. When they do, an innovative way to cure it is with IV hydration therapy. During this procedure, we use an IV to introduce fluid directly into the bloodstream, replenishing all of the vitamins and minerals that you have lost over the night of drinking. After our clients have received IV therapy during their hangover, they often leave feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day. If this sounds like an odd way to cure a hangover, you wouldn’t believe what some people have done to try to accomplish the same thing with much less success! Read on for some strange hangover cures from around the world and throughout history.

Ancient Rome

The culture of Ancient Rome involved a lot of partying, so it makes sense that they would have a hangover cure. It was a pretty odd one, however. It was recommended that you deep fry and eat a canary to cure your hangover. IV therapy is already starting to sound pretty normal, right?

Ancient Greece

Not unlike their Roman contemporaries, ancient Greeks also used an odd breakfast to cure their hangovers; namely, sheep lungs and owl eggs. This odd dish is probably closest to the eggs and bacon that you may be used to eating when hungover, except instead of bacon, it features lungs.


After a night of overindulgence, Namibians drink a beverage called Buffalo Milk. However, there is no buffalo milk in this beverage; it’s clotted cow’s cream, two types of rum, cream liqueur, and whole cow’s milk. This may work simply from the “hair of the dog” treatment for hangovers, meaning drinking more to “cure” your hangover. However, though you might feel better after a bloody mary at brunch, you are only delaying the onset of an even worse hangover when you do this.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans allegedly have the solution to preventing hangovers. Before they plan to go out and drink, they rub lemon or lime into their armpits in order to prevent dehydration. While it would be convenient, there is no science to indicate that this works.


After a Japanese person consumes too much sake, the next day, they may eat umeboshi. Umeboshi is an extremely sour pickled ume, a fruit similar to the plum. They might place it in green tea or just eat it straight. Actually, this cure makes a little bit of sense, as the salt from the ume could replenish your electrolytes that are depleted from alcohol.


In Germany, after a night of drinking a few too many, they serve katerfrühstück first thing in the morning, which translates to “hangover breakfast.” This is rollmops, which are little gherkins and onion wrapped in pickled, raw herring. You can imagine how appealing this is when your stomach is already upset!


A common Canadian delight that also doubles as a hangover cure is poutine, a dish of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy. As delicious as poutine is, its efficacy as a hangover cure is yet to be determined.


Get ready, because this one is really out there. In the past, hungover Sicilians would eat a jerky made out of a bull’s penis. The idea is that your virility would be restored by this dried piece of meat. This has fallen out of vogue, however… hard to believe, right?


According to Irish legend, being buried in wet river sand is how to cure a hangover. Knowing the Irish, it is likely that this originated as some sort of prank. However, this might have an effect similar to a cold shower, in which the shock of the cold wakes you up a bit. There is no medical evidence to suggest this helps with hangover symptoms, however.


In Mongolia, a cocktail similar to a bloody mary is consumed after a night of partying. However, while it has tomato juice, instead of olives, it features pickled sheep eyeballs. IV therapy is sounding better and better right about now!

United States

The United States is not excluded from this list of odd hangover remedies.

Prairie Oysters

Prairie oysters are a popular hangover cure from the Western states. While there are some variations, the main ingredients are Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, pepper, and a raw egg. Variations may include ketchup, tomato juice, vinegar, or vodka.

Eggs Benedict

This popular breakfast dish actually began as a hangover cure. In the 1800s, a socialite suffering the morning after drinking requested an odd meal from the Waldorf-Astoria in New York: an English muffin topped with ham, hollandaise, and a poached egg. Today, it remains one of the most popular dishes for Sunday brunch, hangover or not.

The Wild West

In the Western United States in the second half of the 19th century, pellet tea was a common hangover cure. What went into this tea? Rabbit droppings. They steeped them in hot water and drank the resulting tea to make them feel better after a night of drinking.

After reading all of these odd hangover cures, you may be more interested in IV therapy as a saner and more appetizing way to rid yourself of hangover symptoms. If you are interested in benefiting from our IV therapy services, contact the office of L.A. Quinn, M.D. today. We can cure your hangover with this innovative service so you can feel like you can take on anything. Learn more about our strange but effective hangover cure by contacting us today!