1. The Right to Bare Legs!

    Spider Veins? If a spider web comes to mind, you’re right. These red or purple veins, which appear mostly on women, often create a sunburst or web-like pattern on the skin. And while they are not medically harmful, spider veins can cause a burning sensation or achy feeling from prolonged standing. To top it off, they’re visually unappealing and may have you thinking twice about baring your oth…Read More

  2. Hair on our toes…do we care?

    For years, women have turned to laser hair removal for legs, underarms and bikini lines. Now that the procedure is becoming more routine, they are turning to other areas, such as the feet. Cosmetic surgeons are reporting a rise in demand for laser hair removal on toes, according to lifestyle magazine Female First. Hair removal takes about 15 minutes per foot, making it easy for busy career women t…Read More

  3. Broccoli on the brain

    Broccoli is high in lignans, a phytoestrogen compound that has been shown to benefit cognitive kills (thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, and learning words. A 2005 study by researchers at King’s College London (United Kingdom) revealed that broccoli also is high in glucosinolates, a group of compounds that can halt the decline of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which is necessary …Read More

  4. Cosmetic Enhancements vs. Disease Therapies

    The FDA does not allow doctors to promote the use of stem cell therapies to treat diseases unless you are part of a clinical trial. In this capacity they are considered to be ‘drug therapy’ and subject to very strict regulation. Therefore, many patients currently travel outside of the U.S. to get these therapies. On the other hand, the use of your own (autologous) stem cells to restore a more …Read More

  5. Anti-Aging: Stem Cells

    One of the great medical breakthroughs of modern medicine is the use of adult stem cells, derived most easily from fat. Stem cell treatments are a type of intervention strategy that introduces new cells into damaged tissue in order to treat disease or injury. These cells take on the characteristics of tissue they are introduced to, and therefore begin to repair the tissue by replacing damaged cell…Read More

  6. CoQ10 Deficiency

    Is this Deficiency Stealing Your Vitality? Do you want to feel younger? Do you want to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart and gum disease? Sure we all want to ward off aging and CoEnzyme Q10. (CoQ10) might be your answer. CoEnzyme Q 10’s job is to energize every cell in the body and fight off free radicals. Your body produces CoEnzyme Q10 and converts it to ubiqiunol in order to utilize it. But…Read More

  7. A little movement goes a long way…

    “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn Whether or not you like to run, walk, lift weights or none of the above, some sort of “movement” is essential to have happen during the day. So, today think about how you can add movement to your day in a big or small way. You have to start somewhere, your body will thank you for it! Health and Blessings, Dr Qui…Read More