Acquire The Body You Desire

Laser SmartLipo™ offers the best results with the easiest procedure. No more general anesthesia or the lumpy results of traditional plastic surgery. You can finally have the sculpted body that fits your unique shape.

  • No scalpels, no sutures, no stitches
  • Local anesthesia
  • Faster healing
  • Highly targeted treatment areas
  • Outpatient procedure

“I was referred to The Quinn Center by a friend who knew I was frustrated with my body. Dr. Quinn did a masterful job sculpting me with SmartLipo™, and has helped me become a healthier, more confident person through her health advice and supplements. No doctor cares as much as she does.” *individual results may vary

dreamstime_11325996The Procedure: Using a small laser that is inserted just under the skin through small incisions, fat cells are liquified and suctioned out. The procedure is done using local anesthesia on the treatment area, resulting in minimal discomfort.

Recovery: In general, recovery from laser SmartLipo™ is fast and relatively painless. Some procedures allow patients to resume normal activities the same day; others may require 1-2 days depending on the extent of treatment. Swelling is normal, and generally goes away within 24 hours. A nice benefit in the recovery from laser SmartLipo™ is that the heat from the laser encourages a natural skin tightening as the area rejuvenates. All recovery is determined by the individual patient and the area(s) being treated.

Related Procedures: Laser SmartLipo™ can be performed individually, or in combination with other cosmetic surgery procedures. Many patients engage in facial rejuvenation, reFirme, and other combination treatments with their body sculpting appointment in order to create a refreshed, balanced presence.

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