dreamstime_xxl_33562609Is this Deficiency Stealing Your Vitality?

Do you want to feel younger? Do you want to reduce your risk of diabetes, heart and gum disease? Sure we all want to ward off aging and CoEnzyme Q10. (CoQ10) might be your answer.

CoEnzyme Q 10’s job is to energize every cell in the body and fight off free radicals.

Your body produces CoEnzyme Q10 and converts it to ubiqiunol in order to utilize it. But as we age, our body struggles to produce enough CoEnzyme Q10 and it also starts to have difficulty converting it to ubiqiunol.

There are many benefits to supplementing with CoQ10.

• Help you produce more energy for your cells so you feel alive again.

• Strengthens your heart.

• Note: Everyone using a statin drug to lower cholesterol must take

• Boosts the immune system.

• Supports optimal brain function.

• Protects against gum disease.

• Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

• Supports recovery from workouts.

• Antioxidant protection against free radicals.

• Help reduce the signs of normal aging.

• Helps to maintain normal blood pressure levels.

• Help promote your healthy immune system.

CoEnzyme Q10 because statin drugs deplete your levels even more.

What should you look for in a high quality CoEnzyme Q10

1. Non synthetic formula

2. Highly absorbable via a micro emulsion delivery system

3. Professional quality

4. Non GMO

5. Easy to swallow gel cap

Designs for Health offers all of the above in CoQnol 50 mg and 100 mg soft gels.

Ask Dr. Quinn which is best for you.