dreamstime_xxl_58373246Numerous people are dissatisfied with the shape of their body. For some, it’s about excess cellulite, for others it’s the affects of aging. Over the years, I have spoken to countless women and men who have a poor body image, and that truly concerns me due to the negative effects it can have on a person’s life.

A poor body image causes people to feel bad about themselves, which in turn can make them depressed. The depression causes them to have unhealthy eating habits, and/or eating disorders, which often cause weight gain and can escalate the aging process. Excess weight, sagging skin, and cellulite make people more self-conscious, and the cycle continues. Additionally, a negative body image can cause emotional distress, anxiety, social withdrawal, and the ceasing of many enjoyable activities.

Hating your body is no way to live, and with today’s technology there are options available to help people erase their adverse areas. If you are still picturing the old-fashioned, surgical liposuction that has been around for more than 20 years, it’s time you were brought up to date on a new minimally invasive technique called laser lipolysis.

Laser lipolysis, aka Smartlipo, can contour both large and small problem areas by melting the fat cells, which are then removed. What’s nice about this process is that it only requires local anesthesia on the treated area, and the incision sites are very small, generally 1-2mm, which minimizes discomfort and recovery time. Additionally, this gentler, safer procedure actually activates the body’s own healing response which causes tissues to contract, creating tighter, smoother skin in the treated area.

Smartlipo can contour your body whether you are looking to get rid of a “waddling turkey neck,” trim your legs, flatten your abdomen, sculpt your back, or reduce other areas. The procedure takes very little time, and the results are immediate. In fact, you see and feel the results so quickly that people looking to fix a single problem area such as the abdomen, may want to consider having their hips and thighs shaped, too, in order to create a more natural proportion that fits into the smaller size clothing they may now need. (A smaller abdomen with the same size hips and thighs will likely still require the same size clothing as before the laser lipolysis.)

Smartlipo body contouring is just one option for overcoming body image issues. Other treatments and developing a healthy lifestyle can also help create the shape you desire. Find the solutions that are best for you, and start living the life you deserve!