1. Researchers Working on Fountain of Youth Drug

    At the New Indications Discovery Unit at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, more than 200 people over the age of 65 took part in a clinical trial to test an experimental drug that may delay the onset of aging-related illnesses. Study participants were given the drug or a placebo for several weeks, and then given a dose of the flu vaccine. Those who received the drug developed approximate…Read More

  2. Cortisol: The Stress Hormone

    In today’s world there are numerous stressors – work, school, relationships, and even physical stress due to injury or health factors. Many hormones levels fluctuate as a reaction to stress, and this can lead to several health issues. One hormone in particular that can wreak havoc on your body as a result of stress is cortisol. Cortisol, often called “the stress hormone,” is secreted by th…Read More

  3. What About Anti-Aging Supplements?

    What About Anti-Aging Supplements? There is no question that the best way to age gracefully is by living a healthy life with good nutrition, exercise, stress management, and skin care. However, numerous anti-aging supplements are being advertised as “the best way to reverse aging” and that can create a lot of confusion and misconceptions. The very first thing you need to know about anti-aging …Read More

  4. The Many Faces of Anti-Aging

    Are you starting to notice those little lines around your eyes and mouth? Is it getting in the way of your self-confidence? There are a number of anti-aging actions that can be taken to make you see yourself in a new light. Dr. Quinn, a certified specialist, leads the age-defying field with results you can both see and feel. One of the many services Dr. Quinn provides is Botox injections. Why not …Read More

  5. Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

    Medical research continues to identify foods and activities in our daily lives that damage DNA and accelerate the aging process. This March, 2013, report from Johns Hopkins Medicine begins, “In a laboratory study pairing food chemistry and cancer biology, scientists at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center tested the potentially harmful effect of foods and flavorings on the DNA of cells. They f…Read More

  6. The Thyroid Hormones-Workhorse for Anti-Aging

    For many women over 50, unwelcome changes seem to plague us nearly every day. We may feel kind of tired all the time, skin and hair may become dry, and sometimes we just feel unexplainably forgetful and “foggy brained”. These symptoms that make us feel older than we are might be related to a deficiency of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland is located in front of the neck below the larynx or v…Read More