1. A Natural Change

    Have you always hated the bags under the eyes? Hesitant to have surgery? Concerned you won’t look like yourself? How can a little transfer of fat solve your problem? The stem cells used in fat transfer procedures are taken from your body’s own fat stores. These stem cells are naturally occurring and regenerative. In addition, they can differentiate into specialized cell types. Stem cells can i…Read More

  2. Fraxel For A Youthful You

    Fraxel has been in the news lately since Courtney Cox said she wanted to try it, and Kim Kardashian is known to use it to keep her complexion flawless. So, what do the stars know that you don’t? What is Fraxel? Fraxel is a brand of laser that uses microscopic laser energy to initiate the natural healing process that sheds old skin, and stimulates the body to create collagen. There are varying le…Read More

  3. Beauty from the Inside Out

    There’s no question that a healthy diet is the foundation for true beauty, which stems from wellness. Organically grown fruits and vegetables are important not just for the nutrition they provide, but for the substances they don’t include: pesticides, which have “been identified as contributing factors to conditions ranging from cancer to obesity to ADHD. Pregnant women are encouraged to eat…Read More

  4. The Right to Bare Legs!

    Spider Veins? If a spider web comes to mind, you’re right. These red or purple veins, which appear mostly on women, often create a sunburst or web-like pattern on the skin. And while they are not medically harmful, spider veins can cause a burning sensation or achy feeling from prolonged standing. To top it off, they’re visually unappealing and may have you thinking twice about baring your oth…Read More

  5. Hair on our toes…do we care?

    For years, women have turned to laser hair removal for legs, underarms and bikini lines. Now that the procedure is becoming more routine, they are turning to other areas, such as the feet. Cosmetic surgeons are reporting a rise in demand for laser hair removal on toes, according to lifestyle magazine Female First. Hair removal takes about 15 minutes per foot, making it easy for busy career women t…Read More