1. Why You Need Anti-Aging Therapy

    We’ve all experienced the variety of aches and pains that come with aging. From fatigue and weakness to wrinkles and a less than ideal sleeping pattern, there are countless ways that old age can continue to plague you throughout your best years. If you feel like you may be experiencing the undue effects that aging can bring, you could benefit significantly from anti-aging therapy with L.A. Quinn…Read More

  2. Improving Your Quality of Life with Sclerotherapy

    In the past, varicose vein treatment used to be an invasive surgery that required extensive recovery times while leaving patients with visible scarring. However, due to advancements in science and medicine, varicose vein surgery is now minimally invasive, relatively quick, and leaves little to no signs of scarring. No longer do the risks associated with vein treatments outweigh the rewards, making…Read More

  3. Shed Pounds with Non-Invasive Treatments

    As summer is upon us, you may be looking for ways to look your best with a quick and painless procedure. While traditional cosmetic surgery methods would resort to a restorative procedure such as a tummy tuck, technology has now allowed individuals to easily eliminate a significant amount of weight off without requiring invasive surgery, complete anesthesia, or drawn out recovery times. The new pr…Read More

  4. What is SmartLipo™?

    As an anti-aging clinic, we offer several aesthetic treatments to help you ease the appearance of aging, including SmartLipo™. SmartLipo™ is a device that performs laser liposuction with very little downtime necessary for the patient. We use SmartLipo™ because we trust that it is a safe and effective treatment, and with many success stories from our patients to back it up, you can rest assur…Read More