1. Wellness Treatments for A Healthier You

    If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, there could be a myriad of reasons why you may be experiencing the undue effects of poor health. From heavy metal toxicity and food allergies to complex hormonal imbalances, there are a number of reasons why you could be feeling less than your best. These health concerns can come with debilitating side effects such as fatigue, brain fog, weakness…Read More

  2. How Hormone Therapy Can Help You

    The adverse effects felt from a hormonal imbalance can cause many individuals’ quality of life to significantly decrease. From constant tiredness and fatigue, to an unrelenting brain fog that refuses to lift, there are many ways that a hormonal imbalance can impact your daily life. However, there are several treatments worth considering that have been shown to combat the ill effects of aging and…Read More

  3. How Allergy Testing Can Help You

    With the changing seasons comes sneezing, coughing, runny noses, and itchy eyes. Allergies are a widespread issue that affects millions of individuals around the world each year. In fact, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reported that allergies “affect as many as 30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children.” Since there are many types of allergies such as food, skin, drug, late…Read More

  4. Signs of Low Testosterone and How to Get Tested

    Many men suffering from depleted testosterone levels are unaware that testosterone plays a key role in sleeping soundly at night, building and maintaining muscle mass, stabilizing your daily mood, and so much more. Those with low-T often attribute their weight gain and emotional changes to depression. However, depression itself is a main symptom of low testosterone levels. While you may not think …Read More

  5. How Hormone Therapy Treatment Can Help You Reconnect With Your Partner

    Your hormone levels change throughout your lifetime. It's normal for both men and women to experience a drop in their hormone levels as they get older, usually around the age of 40. For women, menopause brings on a decrease in their estrogen levels. For a man, a drop in their testosterone levels can indicate andropause. There are numerous side effects that go along with a drop in hormone levels, i…Read More