1. What are Stem Cells?

    If you have been looking into revolutionary new ways to treat athletic injuries or signs of aging, then you have probably heard of stem cell therapy. While the procedure has been seen as controversial, the safe, non-harmful procedures and positive effects have helped stem cell therapy become increasingly popular. Here at L.A. Quinn M.D., we are proud to offer the best solutions for our patients to…Read More

  2. The Basics of Stem Cell Therapy Explained

    Although controversial, stem cell therapy has become extremely popular over recent years. Given that stem cell therapy has a wide variety of uses, more people throughout the country are beginning to experience all that the revolutionary therapy has to offer. For this reason, in today’s article, we will be talking about some of the common ailments that can be easily cleared up with stem cell ther…Read More

  3. Harvesting Stem Cells to Improve Injury Recovery Times

    If you have ever experienced the pain and downtime that comes with a serious injury, you know exactly how these injuries can limit your daily activities, sometimes even keeping you from doing what you love most. Athletes will find this incredibly frustrating, as a lack of exercise can cause muscles and cardiovascular levels to diminish quickly. Luckily, as technology progresses, so do the various …Read More

  4. Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You?

    If you suffer from pain from naturally occurring injuries, sports-related injuries, or joint issues, you may experience limitations in day-to-day life, which keeps you from doing your favorite activities or tasks. Pain can be not only frustrating, but also incredibly debilitating. Individuals with impairments or injuries often experience a decrease in their quality of life due to limited mobility …Read More

  5. How Stem Cells Can Rejuvenate Your Appearance

    At L.A. Quinn, M.D., we offer a number of treatments that can help reverse the signs of aging and help you regain a more youthful appearance. From our Florida office, we can provide treatments such as hormone therapies, SmartLipo™, supplements and weight loss plans that can all help slow the signs of aging. One of the most exciting and innovative treatments offered in our clinic, though, is the …Read More

  6. Stem Cell Therapy for Joint Issues

    You may have heard of stem cell therapy from political debates or flashy headlines, but you may not be aware of how exactly it works. To understand stem cell treatment, you first must understand how to human body builds itself. The body is composed of billions of cells, each of which are special to the organ they form, whether it is your brain, muscles, ligaments, or bones. Your cells are constant…Read More