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Improve alertness mind, blood circulation, overall complexion, increases metabolic rate.

Increase overall wellness on a cellular.

Celergen promotes cell renewal in general and also at the DNA cell structure level. Most people suffer from nutritional deficiency at the cellular/DNA level. Nutrition deprivation will prevent our cells from producing proteins and enzymes critical for the health of our organs, tissues and our body functions.

Celegen cell therapy is important because it triggers and stimulates cell renewal and repair. Nutritional deficiency or deprivation means that our cells are not allowed to work at their full potential to repair the DNA damage it suffers. Celergen with its micro nutrients and proteins, can activate enzymes involved in important metabolic pathways derailed in the aging process.

Cell therapy aims to awaken dormant cells within the human body, therefore stimulating the growth and function of existing tissue and repairing or regenerating old and malfunctioning cells. Cell Therapy offers what vitamins, minerals and other conventional or natural treatments cannot. It can provide the exact components necessary for injured or diseased tissue and heal and regenerate. While most pharmaceutical drugs work by suppressing certain symptoms over ashort period of time and only for as long as they are taken, Cell Therapy stimulates the body’s own healing and revitalizing powers and exerts a long term effect which would last years through a monthly based program.