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Body wisdom, are you listening?

On four separate occasions, I spoke to four different women who had the SAME issue with their vagina, and the issue was vague: those “it's just not right” kinda vibes.


Clinically they had nothing wrong, but their vagina was still talking to them nonetheless, so after a little poking and prodding, no pun intended, I asked them how things were going with their partners, and there was a pause.


As it turned out, all of these women were having issues in that area. Nothing heavy, nothing to write home about, but they were definitely irritated and had a low-key annoyance towards them.


While they're slathering on potions, lotions and wondering why they're having these issues, after our discussion, they turned inward and found that once the unexpressed emotions of irritation and aggravation came from their mouth, their vagina stopped bothering them.

Unexpressed emotions will make their way out one way or the other.


How many times have you silenced your body and its wisdom?


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