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Glowing skin is always in

With social media filters being the new normal now more than ever we are all looking for flawless skin in real life.

Many people are investing a lot of money buying expensive creams, serums, and other skincare products available on the market. Others take it a step further and receive treatments that ensure your skin gets its well-deserved attention, the key to overall skin rejuvenation.

One treatment in particular gets the job done - laser skin resurfacing. It delivers gorgeous-looking skin without the hassles and complications and it is non-surgical.

Skin Resurfacing low down

Laser skin resurfacing, or more commonly known as skin resurfacing, is a cosmetic treatment that utilizes lasers to remove layers of your skin with utmost accuracy and precision.

There are different lasers that we can use to your skin, depending on your skin’s needs and your personal preferences. Some of the known laser skin resurfacing treatments include ablative lasers, CO2 skin resurfacing, or Fraxel, and non-ablative lasers such as pulsed light and fractional and pulsed-dye lasers.

Ablative vs. Non-ablative Lasers

Ablative lasers remove outside layers of your skin effectively without any bleeding or wounds. Ablative lasers are used to address several skin conditions such as deep wrinkles, scars, and warts. CO2 laser resurfacing treatments are effective for the skin as mentioned above. At the same time, fraxel is always used to remove fine lines and wrinkles, and other skin concerns.

On the other hand, non-ablative lasers do not remove layers of skin, just like ablative lasers do. These lasers can be used for acne-related skin concerns, rosacea, and spider veins.

Perfect Candidates for Skin Resurfacing

Anyone can be a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing. Still, these procedures will primarily work for people who have skin concerns that cannot be treated with over-the-counter drugs. You would need to have treatments to address your skin issues more effectively, and it will also save you more money and time in receiving these treatments.

However, laser skin resurfacing procedures are not highly recommended for people suffering from severe acne breakouts or excessively sagging skin.

Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

There is a reason why laser skin resurfacing methods are popular and sought-after by so many people: it’s very effective.

Some of the benefits of undergoing laser skin resurfacing treatments include addressing skin concerns based on the laser procedure they received. These laser treatments effectively solve the problems in your skin, such as deeper wrinkles, fine lines, aging skin, acne scars, and even rosacea.

Another benefit is that skin resurfacing treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive. These are non-surgical because you do not have to experience undergoing actual surgery to achieve your goal of having rejuvenated skin. It is also non-invasive because there won’t be anything used to hurt your skin — not even syringes.

Laser skin resurfacing is also quick. An entire process takes up to an hour, depending on your skin issues. If you have minimal skin issues, it will be faster.


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