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Meet Dr.Quinn

Dr. Quinn is a mother, healer, teacher, woman advocate and unbound believer in the mind-body power to accomplish whatever your heart desires. 

Dr. Quinn is a certified ACOG, American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. She offers both regenerative medicines as well as cosmetic procedures. Over the years, Dr. Quinn has mastered the art of combing science with beauty through a multi-layered approach, providing patients with optimal health and flawless beauty. Whether it’s inner beauty, outer beauty, or a sense of empowerment in everyday life that you are searching for, let me help you find it.


Since 2004, Anti-Aging Specialist and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Linda Quinn has earned the privilege to guide thousands of women in mid-life or better to fall back in love with their reflections in the mirror in the ways that feel best for them. Whether clients begin the journey first with solving the most visible problems that are giving them a reason to frown or they start by addressing hormonal issues that are preventing them from loving their lives – cranky, weight gain, pain during intimacy – one thing is certain.  In collaboration with Dr. Quinn, they will pursue a custom treatment plan that will start the process of turning back the clock so they can feel and look better, and be at a place where they can once again smile at their reflection in the mirror.


A single mother of four daughters who are living beautiful lives on their own terms, Dr. Quinn’s mission and commitment are to be a catalyst to empower her patients to do the same.  That means welcoming the choice to put self-care at the top of their priority lists, perhaps for the first time in their lives.  Patients value the results they welcome.  And most importantly, they treasure the way Dr. Quinn makes them feel by how she treats them.  Perceptive, compassionate, and intuitive, Dr. Quinn sees the real you even if you can’t.  And she sees the possibilities to create powerful transformation at the moment so you can imagine new possibilities for yourself.


 Dr. Quinn has been in love with all things beautiful, colorful, and aligned for a lifetime.  And she knows that there is so much more to embrace to create a vibrant, healthy, beautiful life from the inside out.  When she is not practicing medicine, she is practicing yoga and meditation.  She is the walking-talking poster child for what it is to be a woman in mid-life or better who is loving the impact she makes for clients, one important, transformational treatment at a time.


"As women, it is our birthright to be radiant. The body is an incredible structure that, if we listen properly, tells us what it needs, and especially what it doesn’t. Rather than simply covering up symptoms with prescriptions, I believe in finding the root of the problem by getting to know my patients and working alongside them in order to identify what imbalances are creating illness, pain and discomfort"

- Linda Quinn, M.D.

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