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The greatest wealth is HEALTH

Co create the heath and wellness you desire with Caroline Snelwar Fletcher APRN FNP-C, and our staff of Health Coaches. Pick the right plan for you. 

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Health Care Made Easy


Choose the membership that works for you.


personalized affordable convenient quality care

Keep it Simple with Caroline Snelwar Fletcher

$77 per month

  • One-time Nutrition and Weight loss consultation with Health Coach

  • Annual physical 

  •  Basic Labs include:  Cholesterol Panel, Hemoglobin A1C, CBC, CMP, Complete Thyroid Panel, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D

  • Acute illness such as sinus infection, sore throat/ strep throat, cough, high cholesterol ,migraine, allergies,COPD /Asthma, High Blood Pressure, difficulty sleeping

  • No co payments

  • Unlimited visits

  • Same day or next day extended appointments

  • Communicate via Phone text video chat

  • Quick response form provider or support staff. 

  • Free lab draws in office

  • Annual EKG ($50)

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Step it Up with Caroline Snelwar Fletcher

$99 per month

  • Annual physical and wellness screenings plus Free wellness labs​

  • Comprehensive and on going Nutritional and Weight loss counseling with Health Coach

  • Hormonal assessment ( peri-menopause, menopause)

  • GYN annual exam

  • Breast exam 

  • Osteoporosis screening

  • Mammagram screening

  • Male hormones

  •  testosterone 

  • DHEA

  • Prostate screening

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Adrenal assessment

  • Thyroid Assestment 

  • Chronic Diabetes

  • Supplement Advice

  • IV Therapy Advice

  •  Complimentary BioSound Therapy Session (45 minutes)

  • For Relief for Stress/Trauma/Pain with Biofeedback

  • Laboratory testing special pricing for Cash patients 

  • You may continue to use your insurance/Medicare for labs, imaging. We can continue to order tests and referrals as usual

  • Labs is available

  • 4 Free B-lipo (B complex) injections

  • Hormone and Adrenal assessments

  • No copays 

  • Same day or next day extended appointments

  • Communicate via phone text video chat

  • Quick response from provider or support staff

  • Free lab draws in office

Memberships are for cash paying clients. One time enrollment fee. *90 day cancellation notice required on all memberships.

We also accept most Major insurance plans. 

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