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Meet The Team


Korrin Rogers

Health/Life Coach, Meditation Teacher

I am a wife, mother of five, plant-based chef, holistic health/ life coach and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher

I believe that most questions can are answered with a little silence and that the cure to all things that ail us is simplicity. I believe with our words and our thoughts we are inviting madness or magic.


Which are you choosing?


With every passing moment we have another chance to surrender and try again.


When we care for ourselves body and spirit, we can mother with ease, joy and an overall feeling of flow.  Life is full of magic and all we have to do is invite it in.


Gabby Ervin

Health Coach

 I am graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I, like many others, have struggled with the ebbs and flows of being a young woman trying to find herself while also balancing a social life and figuring out what exactly it means for my body to be "healthy."

My goal is to help young women feel their very best in a well-rounded way, from the foods we eat to the choices we make in our life, I want to help ladies find what makes them feel good.


Caroline Snelwar APRN FNP

I started nursing in England and came to the U.S in 1993 as a nurse with an extensive background in bone marrow transplant nursing, hematology, and oncology nursing. I have always had a passion for helping patients and appreciate traditional medical approaches along with cutting edge treatment modalities. I received my graduate degree as an APRN FNP-C, through Purdue University and became certified in Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  I am passionate about caring for the whole patient and believe that medical care works best when the patient has time to be heard.  


There is nothing more fulfilling than helping patients to feel healthy and whole. 


I enjoy studying, working out, running outside in the fresh air, being part of my church, and beautifying my home with my husband. 

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