As summer is upon us, you may be looking for ways to look your best with a quick and painless procedure. While traditional cosmetic surgery methods would resort to a restorative procedure such as a tummy tuck, technology has now allowed individuals to easily eliminate a significant amount of weight off without requiring invasive surgery, complete anesthesia, or drawn out recovery times. The new procedure known as Laser SmartLipo™ is completely safe and relatively painless, making it a very popular choice for those looking to lose weight without the use of stitches, sutures, or scalpels. During this article, we will talk about how Laser SmartLipo works, as well as why it is a safe treatment choice for patients who would like fat to vanish from their body.

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How Laser SmartLipo Works

Using localized anesthesia, patients will find that Laser SmartLipo is an almost completely pain-free treatment that provides immediate results in little to no time needed. Some traditional forms of liposuction may require the patient to receive general anesthesia which can be dangerous under rare circumstances. The Laser SmartLipo procedure begins by using a very small laser which is placed beneath the skin via a minor incision. The inserted laser breaks down fat cells into a liquid state, which are later sucked out from the patient’s body. Most convenient, however, are the incredibly quick recovery times that patients experience.

This nearly painless procedure offers very fast recovery periods, where patients will only be required to wait one or two days for full recovery before doing their favorite activities again. These waiting periods are for significant Laser SmartLipo treatments. Many individuals find that they can go about their day right after completing the procedure. While swelling may occur for some, the inflammation will normally subside within the span of 24 hours. This makes Laser SmartLipo a very safe treatment option for those looking to quickly shed weight without any severe side effects.

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