If you have explored solutions for uncomfortable and painful postmenopausal symptoms, then you have probably heard of vaginal rejuvenation procedures. There are a number of options on the market today, but at L.A. Quinn M.D. here in Jax Beach, we offer what we believe to be the best choice for postmenopausal women: MonaLisa Touch. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, MonaLisa Touch provides a revolutionary approach to treating postmenopausal pain, and the procedure is simple and easy. Keep reading to learn what you can expect from a MonaLisa Touch session and call today to make your appointment with Dr. Quinn!

Are You a Candidate?

Before you can be considered for a vaginal rejuvenation treatment, you will be screened for conditions and other factors that may disqualify you from taking advantage of MonaLisa Touch. There are a few elements of your medical history that may indicate that the procedure will be dangerous or ineffective. You will also be recommended for another treatment option if you have vaginal lesions, a vaginal infection, are pregnant, or gave birth within the past three months. If you are disqualified, Dr. Quinn and the dedicated staff at L.A. Quinn M.D. would be more than happy to discuss your other options!


Once you have been screened, your health professional will work with you to determine if MonaLisa Touch is the right treatment for you. A “vaginal rejuvenation” procedure can mean different things to different people, and we want to make sure that MonaLisa Touch offers the kind of results you’re looking for. The procedure was developed to specifically treat vaginal atrophy, an unfortunate condition experienced by an estimated 50 percent of postmenopausal women. Once estrogen levels drop, the vaginal walls can thin, dry out, and become inflamed, leading to a number of other discomfiting side effects, and the MonaLisa Touch procedure addresses these issues by stimulating tissue regeneration and blood flow. A conversation with Dr. Quinn will help determine if this kind of procedure will address your concerns.


The actual MonaLisa Touch treatment takes less than five minutes to complete. The probe is inserted into the vagina, and the laser therapy is activated, interacting with the vaginal walls to stimulate a healing response. It is a non-surgical procedure, virtually painless, and no anesthesia is required. It’s fast and easy!

Side Effects

The treatment is well tolerated by most patients, with few to no side effects. You may experience some irritation, itching, swelling, or discomfort. Spotting, mild bleeding, and unusual discharge are also to be expected. Explore the MonaLisa Touch website or talk to your doctor to learn more about possible side effects and their probability of occurrence.

After Care

Thanks to the minimally invasive nature of your MonaLisa Touch treatment, there is virtually no downtime or recovery period. You should refrain from sexual activity for approximately two to five days, but otherwise you are welcome to go about your day as you would normally. Your health professional will give you more specific aftercare instructions, tailored to your needs, after your procedure.

For your first experience with MonaLisa Touch, we recommend a series of three appointments in three-month intervals. Feel free to ask to schedule your next appointment after your first treatment!


Laser therapy can trigger tissue regeneration in just 30 days, and most patients experience relief from painful postmenopausal symptoms in just one treatment! MonaLisa Touch also offers long-lasting effects compared to other therapy options, and you can continue to enjoy the benefits with successive treatments each year.

Interested in trying MonaLisa Touch for yourself? Contact L.A. Quinn M.D. today! We offer this innovative vaginal rejuvenation therapy because we believe in the amazing healing benefits it provides, and we would be more than happy to talk to you about making MonaLisa Touch a part of your post-menopause treatment. Getting older doesn’t always have to mean living with uncomfortable side effects. Call Dr. Quinn today and start living the body you love!