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I don't have time to eat healthy

The secret to eating healthy is being prepared. Menu planning and bulk cooking have made my life with four little kids and all that comes with it, much easier.I get the appeal of frozen and prepared foods, but you can’t deny how much better it feels and tastes to eat REAL food.

Yesterday, I did not feel well at all. Thankfully, I had the rice from the previous night's dinner in the fridge. I chopped up some onions, kale, carrots, and peppers sautéed them and added the rice. I then added some siracha, sesame oil and ketchup (i know it sounds weird but I promise its good) Mix it all up and then smash it down into the pan and let it crisp up on the bottom by not moving it around. Thankfully, I have a gas range stove, and I toasted my raw nori on the open flame. Plate it and cut the nori into strips and there you have it…a ten-minute lunch. Lots of veggies, whole grains and delish.

Menu planning and bulk cooking are good for your health and budget. Not to mention it brings rhythm to your children’s day.

*grains, beans, soups, and stews are best cooked in bulk. ALWAYS eat freshly prepared veggies?

With love,


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