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The Truth Behind Plant-Based Living

You've probably become familiar with the term "plant-based", the diet trend has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past few years mostly among celebrities and young adults.

You may be wondering, what's the big deal?

Many people give plant-based diets a try for a variety of reasons, whether they want to help the environment, don't believe in harming animals, or because they've heard that it aids in promoting weight loss. I went plant-based three years ago after days of research on the benefits and with the overall goal to feel better. I didn't approach this change thinking it would be a permanent one, but here I am three years later! And I'm here to share my own experience of shifting to this way of life.

When I talk to people about a plant-based lifestyle, I am often faced with common beliefs that this life would mean more work, prep, money, and time. One of the most common assumptions I find people have is that to be plant-based means to be 'all or nothing' or that this way of life simply doesn't have significant value in the long-run.

So I'm here to spell out the truth behind plant-based living.

Belief: "Eating plant-based is too expensive"

Truth: Eating this way can certainly cost you if you choose pre-made meals and processed over whole foods. But, plant-based rich proteins such as beans, legumes, and whole grains are much cheaper by the pound than your traditional animal proteins and they tend to last much longer in your pantry!

Belief: "If I go plant-based I'll never enjoy my favorite meals again"

Truth: when you transition to a plant-based diet rich in whole foods, you find new and creative ways to make the meals you love! You have a greater appreciation for the flavor of food that comes from our earth, and you'll end up enjoying foods in a way that you never thought of before.

Belief: "If I go plant-based I have to be 100% all of the time"

Truth: When it comes to nourishing yourself, listening to your body is key. Many people enjoy a 'flexitarian' approach to living plant-based, with the flexibility to enjoy food when it feels right to them. You may find that a plant-based diet resonates with you 99% of the time, but a cheese pizza or tollhouse cookie is also appealing. And that is okay! At the end of the day, there is no "one way" to nourish your body, what feels best for you is all that matters.

Belief: "Going plant-based won't make that much of a difference"

Truth: Many researchers have proven that following a plant-based diet can have a significant impact on your health and the planet. Plant-based diets have been known to:

  • lower blood pressure

  • lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

  • help improve cholesterol

  • lowers carbon footprint

  • conserves water

  • promotes cleaner air

My Truth: I made the decision to adopt a plant-based diet in hopes that it would help with my chronic migraines, give me more energy and help me lose weight. Since I've gone plant-based I've experienced more energy, I feel lighter in my body, my skin has cleared up, my eyes have gotten brighter, I don't have migraines every other day, and I've found ways to enjoy my favorite meals without feeling heavy, bloated, or experiencing stomach-pain afterward.

If this way of life resonates with you, but you're not sure how to begin, I suggest you start by adding more plant-based whole foods to your diet and build from there. If you'd like help with this transition or just want to know more, I offer complimentary 30-minute guidance calls that you can book here as well as plant-based recipes that you can access on my website.

I'd love to help you any way I can.





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