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A farewell to summer

And just like that, August is over.

This past month has been such a whirlwind, struggling to get in those last summer beats before the seasons change and coordinating schedules of going back to school, getting back to work, 're-booting' your health to detox from all the poolside goodies we may have been enjoying all season.

With Summer coming to an end, many of you may be looking for a way to bring balance back into your lives, whatever that may be. Maybe you're ready to start feeling your best. Perhaps you're looking to reset your system and focus on nutrition, wellness, and hormonal balance from a new perspective. Maybe the hectic way of living these past few months is finally catching up to you, and you're ready to slow down and prioritize yourself and your health again.

For me, Summer is all about relaxation, spending days at the beach with my family, and the occasional birthday celebration thrown in there. That's why with this season coming to a close, I am all for slowing down and getting back to the roots. Practice mindfulness, meditate, eat whole foods, move your body, and get grounded.

It's important to remember that putting yourself first is not selfish, but rather, necessary! If you're too burnt out from taking care of everything around you, then you won't have the energy to give back to yourself when you truly need it. With this chapter coming to a close, it's time to plan for the way you want to live moving forward. Are you ready to take the steps necessary to give yourself the life that you deserve? If you've been feeling tired, fatigued, heavy, or haven't prioritized your beauty regimen as thoroughly as before, it's time to start! Get ready for this new month, new season, and new life. Move forward with gratitude that you're able to recognize that it's time to take care of yourself again.

And whatever it is you need, I'll be here to help you along the way.


Dr. Quinn

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