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Aging radiantly just got a whole lot easier

At LA Quinn MD, Dr. Quinn aspires to help people age radiantly with a three-pronged approach:

Using measures to prevent signs of aging before they appear.

Treating the signs that have appeared.

Creating a wellness plan to improve one’s appearance from the inside out.

In the preventative lane, Dr. Quinn offers minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures such as Botox and micro-needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, which encourages the body to make more collagen.

So instead of having fine lines and wrinkles to get rid of, they never appear. So instead, Dr. Quinn takes a proactive approach to the aging process.

Should treatment be needed for signs of aging already present, Dr. Quinn provides non-surgical options to yield natural-looking results, reducing the fear of looking overdone. The goal is not to make you look like a different person but appear refreshed.

This is why Dr. Quinn has launched the sprinkle package. It meets the client where they are at and is customized using a multilayered approach.

Here is Dr. Quinn giving you an idea of what a sprinkle of magic could do for you!


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