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Fountain of Youth in your bathroom?

If someone had told me a few years ago that I’d be taking cold showers and loving them, even in winter (!) I would have told them they'd lost their minds. My hubs has been telling me for years to do it, and I always gave him the big eye



But here I am doing it and loving it.


Don't get me wrong, right before I ease into the cold stream of water I think WTF, but just for a sec.


Aside from the personal feeling of victory of actually doing it, there are so many health benefits!

*increased immunity

*increased circulation


*strengthened nervous system

The list is long! You can look it up to read more about it.

- I start with brushing my skin with a dry body brush

-Then massage with almond oil


-Then the shower on and start with extremities, massaging as they are in the water


- Massage the body all over using one foot to massage the other foot and calf, and then switch. Women – massage your breasts! This is important for cancer prevention.


-Dry off briskly


Then I get dressed and go about my day.


Do not take my word for it. Try it and see how it feels. Experience is everything. - Korrin


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