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Full Face Botox? How can I afford that?

Botox isn't just for frowns and crow's feet anymore. We often see patients in our office who ask for a full facial assessment. They are often shocked to hear that the divots in their chin can be smoothed, or the long strands on their neck that started popping recently out can also be smoothed, it can slim the face and treat TMJ.

Botox does much more than just eliminate lines or wrinkles, it can help subtly change reshape the lower face, so it looks more lifted, it can open the eyes so they look more rested and refreshed when we smile. I can be used to reshape the nose so it doesn't turn downward when smiling, it can provide a lip lift so the lip shows more and doesn't tuck away when smiling. and it can help correct facial asymmetries when placed properly.

The next question we often hear is, "how much will that cost?" In the photo below, we show several areas commonly improved in our office, and the average range of "units" it typically takes for a natural and beautiful result. Our office has the "less is more" philosophy. We often tell our patients, "The perfect Botox is like cooking the perfect meal. Don't over salt, you can always add but you can't take away." It is better to put a standard dose at first and add more later, if needed. We have all seen celebrities and people around that look a bit "over-salted." Right? We like to avoid that look and aim toward a natural look where people can still animate their faces (like humans instead of mannequins).

Botox used to be very expensive and it seemed that only starlets in Hollywood could afford it. These days it is actually quite affordable. Our standard price is $12.50 per unit. We also offer a loyalty club

(The Ageless Face) that gives our patients Botox all year for $10 a unit. This club has an annual membership fee of $100 and also gives members generous discounts on laser services. To make Botox even more affordable, Dr Quinn offers an occasional $9.25/Unit Botox Days throughout the year. This special day is walk-in only, so be prepared to wait and socialize with other people. It is fun to attend these days as long as you are not in a hurry. Please call or email us to ask when our next Botox Day is scheduled and to join our membership program.


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