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You can exfoliate, do face masks, use jade rollers and gua sha stones, apply anti-aging serums, cleanse, get facials, and wash your face with expensive products all day long. However, it still might not be possible to completely hide your age. Why? Your neck. Most people put a lot of effort into fighting wrinkles and keeping their face youthful; however, the neck can develop wrinkles and begin to sag just like the face does.

The neck and jawline are both key aspects of an attractive, youthful look. Neckbands, sagging skin, or a double chin can cause these areas look older or less appealing than you want them to. But at the same time, you might not be ready for an invasive procedure, such as a facelift.

A PDO thread lift is one of the best nonsurgical alternatives to a neck lift. This procedure works when barbed threads are inserted under the skin. The barbs latch into the sagging tissues and the threads are pulled tight to lift them back into place. Because of the mechanics of this procedure, it works better for fixing sagging skin on the neck than any other nonsurgical alternative.

The treatment is performed with local anesthesia and patients feel minimal pain during the procedure. The results are natural and recovery is typically quick. There is no scarring and bruising or swelling should settle within 3-7 days.

Many people see immediate improvement, however, collagen takes time to build. Typically, full results will be seen in 3 months.

PDO threads are considered to be a natural anti-aging solution because the body will naturally dissolve the threads over time. Your thread lift will last 6 to 18 months, after which time, you will need a follow-up appointment to have new threads placed.

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