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Got Anger?

Today is a super full moon, and the energy of the full moon is that of release. Use this powerful day to spend a little time moving out the system that doesn't serve you.

The breath is a quick and easy way to reshape and clean out the mind, body system.

Anger gets a bad wrap, but it's not the emotion of anger itself that is bad. It's the pent-up anger that you do nothing with. Anger is a change maker. If you didn't experience it from time to time, what would your life look like? Probably a complacent mess. But if you see life through the lens of anger and or pent-up resentments, more than likely, everything feels like an obstacle.

Try this quick and straightforward breathwork. I swear three mins a day will change your life.

Fists of Anger Pranayam

MOVEMENT: Sit cross-legged or on your heels. Touch each thumb to the base of your pinky fingers. Close the other fingers over your thumbs to form fists. Raising the arms, begin a backstroke-type movement over the head, alternating each side (right/left) as you swing up, over, and back around again continuously.

BREATH: Through an O-shaped mouth, begin strong, rhythmic inhales and exhales in sync with the arm movements, performing the breath of fire (as above). Keep the lips in an O shape throughout.

FOCUS: Intentionally think about what has made you feel angry, weird or negative. Continue focusing on this emotion throughout the meditation, increasing the movement and breath.

TIME: 3 minutes

TO END: Interlock the fingers, stretch your arms up over your head, palms facing up. Take a deep inhale through your mouth, hold the breath for 10 seconds, then exhale. Repeat this ending breath three times.


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