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Guys wanna look good too!

Father's Day is right around the corner and you may or may not realize it but the Dad in your life wants to look and feel good too. Maybe they aren't coming right out and saying it but increasingly, men are opting for non invasive procedures to enhance different aspects of their facial or body aesthetics, or to defy aging in order to help them succeed in business and in personal lives. Male patients in different age groups may have different needs.

The younger generation male may want to have a more defined cheekbone, chine and jaw line, or even abs. The middle age and older generation male may want to restore hairline, and youth. Dr.Quinn offers a variety of options, tailored for you.  

40 million men suffer from male pattern baldness or thinning hair. Many potential patients shy-away from the traditional “strip method” of hair transplant because of the slow recovery time, the fear of the cutting of the scalp and the linear scar on the back of the head, or the amount of post-operative pain involved. Now, Dr. Quinn can help you re-grow your own hair with a minimum invasive hair restoration procedure using platelet rich plasma

Aside from having a full head of hair, most men are most concerned about wrinkles and wanting to find ways to turn back clock. Over one million men in the US had minimally invasive cosmetic injection procedures done in the past year to rejuvenate their looks. The injection procedures for men include Botox and various types of dermal fillers. Dr. Quinn will assess your needs and recommend one or a combination of treatments to achieve your desired results.






Laser Liposuction is a popular cosmetic option for men who want to remove excess fat from areas of the body and face with improved accuracy, quality results, and shorter downtime. As men mature, many will notice stubborn fat in numerous body parts such as abdomen, flanks or love handles, chest (man-breasts), and chin. Dr Quinn will recommend a technique that is best for you, based on the location of your fat deposits and the condition of your skin.

Learn more about all the services Dr.Quinn offers for the special guy in your life.


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