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Dr. Quinn is one of only a few cosmetic surgeons offering exclusive EuroThreads Lift

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (February 23, 2021) – Everyone has the desire to look and feel younger, and now it's never been easier. The new procedure, EuroThreads, has been sweeping the nation as the most innovative procedure for non-surgical rejuvenation. Local medical office, L.A. Quinn M.D. in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is proud to announce the introduction of Euro Face, Neck, and Body Thread Lifting to their list of services. This makes Dr. Linda Quinn, M.D., FAARM one of only a few cosmetic surgeons in the Southeastern United States offering exclusive EuroThreads Lift.

"Dr. Quinn has consulted with EuroThreads and worked exclusively with the company to offer this procedure to her patients," explained Sara Curtis, Director of Operations at EuroThreads. "Her experience as a cosmetic surgeon gives her a significant advantage and she is always itching to learn more.”

EuroThreads is a new innovative procedure that utilizes resorbable surgical sutures made of biodegradable polymers, allowing them to be fully absorbed within four to six months. This innovative technology activates collagen growth leaving behind little to no scarring, instant results, and no downtime. By placing threads below the skin to help tighten and replace lost volume, patients are left with a sculpted and youthful appearance in various areas, including the face, neck, and body, such as abdomen, knees, and arms.

"It's an ongoing passion of mine to provide my patients with a variety of options that, when coupled with the power of their bodies, help to halt and reverse the aging process," explained Dr. Linda Quinn, founder of L.A. Quinn M.D. "Maintaining our youth takes a multi-layer approach. I've always sought-after natural alternatives to aesthetic and anti-aging, making EuroThreads the perfect solution to achieve firmer, radiant skin. I am so excited to begin offering this service to my patients and help them fall back in love with the reflection in the mirror."


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