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Spring! Time to detox

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring—a day of perfect balance. In eastern medicine, spring is associated with the liver. The liver is where we store toxins, so what do we do in the spring? DETOX

We aren't just talking about the physical body more often than not.

I like to clean and clear all areas of my life during this time. If beauty, longevity, happiness, and aging radiantly is what you're into, then it's time to let go of the old to usher in the new.

Yesterday, I explained to my daughter that manifesting the life we desire is like redecorating. I told her if I wanted the dining room to look brighter and fresh, I could buy new chairs and a table, hang pretty curtains, etc., but no one would appreciate it if I weren't willing to let go of the old things first. If I held on to all the former furniture, the room would look cluttered despite the new fancy things.

Emotional and physical detox go hand and hand.

To start with the physical body, You could simply add more cleansing foods or go deeper and eliminate and add purifying fruits, veggies, and herbs. It is a choose your own journey kind of situation.

A gentle approach would be...

Green food- dark leafy greens are king when gently detoxing the blood.

Fresh fruit and fresh juices

adding lemon to your water (drink lots of water to flush out what you are loosening up)

If you want to ramp up the cleanse, eliminate wheat, soy, dairy, caffeine, animal food, and corn

Drink dandelion tea, nettle tea, lots of fresh juices, and smoothies

Consider an enema after your first natural bowel movement, sit in the sauna daily (be sure to sweat)

Gentle stretching and deep breathing

While embarking on a physical cleanse, many emotional triggers will soon follow.

Our attachments to food and other substances ( coffee, sugar, alcohol ) get kicked up.

After we realize the clingy to these things, we can discover why and how we have grown to need the stimulants.

If we can find our why we can administer healthier options.

Detox can be an emotional and exciting journey. Like most things worth it, the work may be challenging, but the reward is great.

If you are looking to go deeper and need resources, support, and someone to navigate the sometimes bumpy terrain. Please reach out in our FB group or set up a consult with me, Korrin! I've been working with Dr. Quinn for 13 yrs and have helped many women create more healthy, sovereign lives.


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