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Transform your skin with Microinfusions

Whether you want to fade acne scars or get bright happy skin, it’s time to discover Microchanneling.

Aquagold is a microneedling treatment with a bit of an extra boost. The needles in this treatment are 24-karat gold and are used to inject a skin-plumping serum cocktail of Botox, filler, and skin-boosting vitamins, which are “stamped” into your skin.

The Botox relaxes the top layer of the skin, so you’ll see your pore size get even smaller. The tiny bit of filler gives you that refined look—like when you were younger and everything was just kind of plump and smooth. There’s an additional element that you can add on, which involves drawing your blood, spinning it to extract platelet-rich plasma and stem cells, and then adding that into the Aquagold concoction that then gets stamped into your skin.

The cocktail can be customized but usually contains hyaluronic acid, Micro Botox, vitamin C, and filler. With this combo, skin appears hydrated and pore size is decreased. Aquagold can be a stand-alone treatment, or it can be done after almost any procedure.

Benefits of Microinfusion

Stimulates collagen production

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Reduces redness

Reduced pore size

Controls oil production

Plumps sallow or sunken skin

The beauty of this treatment is that it doesn’t break down the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) so there is no scarring and no downtime. The body’s immune system simply goes to work repairing the perceived damage. All you see is fresher and younger skin within a week. Some redness after treatment is normal but subsides by the next day. Skin can feel dry and taunt over several days.


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